Inspired Women

nutrition / fitness / wellness / lifestyle / strength / motivation

Join Monique and Annick as they guide and motivate you to reach your goals. 

Experts in nutrition and fitness, as well as, busy entrepreneurs, mothers and women. Monique and Annick will inspire you and give you hints, tips, guidance and advice on how you can put all the pieces together. 

Joining the Private Group will give you full access to Video tips; Nutrition, Fitness, Recipes,

Cooking Tips and Videos, Live Events, Motivation, Inspiration and more from two

INCREDIBLE women and leading experts.

Annick Poirier is a Registered Dietician, Fitness Fanatic, Yoga Instructor, Master Cook,

Mother and  Entrepreneur.

Monique Capson is a former National Champion, Fitness and Nutrition Expert, "Menopause Whisperer", Mother, Salon Owner and Serial Entrepreneur.


Join NOW and start radiating from the inside out!

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